Four things I know for certain about Ferguson, MO

  1. Being a police officer is a dangerous, underpaid, underappreciated job.
  2. Police forces in this country do not do a good job of screening out the racist, homophobic, power-drunk assholes who think that having a badge and a gun gives them the right to push people around.
  3. Human beings are extremely bad at assessing both risk and probability, and human males in particular often over estimate their personal power and capabilities in conflict situations.
  4. The only possible way we could ever know the facts of what transpired in Ferguson is if both of the parties directly involved had been equipped with chips that recorded full-color video, stereo audio, and fMRI so we could have a record of what each of them saw, heard, and felt during the encounter.

Everything else is speculation.

Happy Birthday to Me

I'm apparently doing something right.

I’m apparently doing something right.

So 45 has kind of been freaking me out.  I’m not really sure why.  Forty wasn’t really that big a deal.  Maybe it’s because the staff where I worked when I turned 40 included a much broader age range than where I work now.  As I think about it, that’s probably a huge part of it; I have concert t-shirts older than at least two of the people I work with.  I am also the oldest person in my office, admittedly only by a couple of years but it’s still a fact that niggles like a badly sewn sock seam.

Maybe it’s because until you hit 45 you can almost convince yourself you’re still in your thirties. At 45 this thing happens where you realize you’re closer to 50 than you are to 30 and the brain just seizes.  Or maybe it’s all just bullshit and you really are only as old as you feel  regardless of that the driver’s license says in which case I’m about 19 – still just as confused about a lot of things but maybe a little more confident because really other people’s opinions aren’t actually that important.  And according to the Real Age test I’m apparently living right.

Like I’ve said before, New Year’s Day isn’t always in January.

Happy Midsummer!


Yes, I realize it's been forever since I wrote here but that doesn't make midsummer any less important. Thus begins the long, slow slide back toward the dark.  Use the rest of your summer wisely for it is far shorter than you … [Continue reading]

What would Kermit do?

Kermit The Frog

Back in the old days (aka: the 1990s) there was a public meme that grew out of the evangelical Christian community. This meme manifested in a lot of paraphernalia that read "WWJD?" (What would Jesus do?). It was, theoretically, a reminder to folks … [Continue reading]

It’s never the heat

Proportions of total population may vary over time and by locality.

I had a little spat with a co-worker last week. It was 68degF with 60% humidity, which is low for where I live, and he had the air conditioning on. Mind you, the industrial A/C, the big unit that sits outside the building and makes little to no noise … [Continue reading]

Better than The Gap

One of the bon mots of the positive thinking movement goes something like "The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with other people's highlight reels." As sayings go and as a product of the positive … [Continue reading]

One ring to rule them all

Yes, this is still hot.

The last three weeks at SmallAgency have been brutal. Not because the management style has changed, and not because we have a client who is being a righteous pain in the ass. The last three weeks have been brutal because I have a co-worker who … [Continue reading]

The Sacred and the Functional

Assassins Guild Diary

I had to redo the binding on my favorite dictionary today. It's a Webster's Seventh Collegiate. I stole it from my step-father when I was in 12th grade. The binding holding the covers onto the inner pages had disintegrated well before I graduated … [Continue reading]

I’m keeping my green crayon

Universe help me but I disagree with Stephen Fry about language. I don't wholly and completely disagree with him so I suppose I'm not damned to linguistic hell where everything is in Textlish or Twitterlish and nothing sings, dances, or rolls off … [Continue reading]

I gave at the office

At SmallAgency we specialize in working with progressive non-profits. Since I've spent the bulk of my professional web communications career working for various progressive non-profit organizations it's a pretty good fit in terms of knowing the … [Continue reading]